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Food Vision offers a variety of consulting and coaching services. These options include but not limited to food safety management systems, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Warehousing and Distribution Practices (GWDP), Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) Benchmarked schemes, Total Quality Management, Food Safety Culture, Sustainability, Ethical Sourcing, Food Packaging, Pet Food, Animal Feed and numerous others. Ask for our full schemes and scope of coaching, consulting and facilitation, if you don’t see your required area of consulting and facilitation. Contact us at solutions@foodvisioninc.com for your questions.

FSMA-FDA and SFCR – CFIA/ Health Canadaand EU Legislations

Technical Support for Food Legislation & Regulatory Compliance – North America (the USA, Canada/ Mexico), Europe,
Australia, Asia (Japan, China, Korea, others)
  • Food Safety and Modernization (FSMA) preparedness
  • Food Safety and Modernization (FSMA) compliance Review
  • FDA and USDArelated regulatory compliance
  • Florigen Supplier Program Verification – Preparedness, Consulting, and Review
  • Safe Food for Canadian– Gap Analysis, Program writing, and Compliance Review
  • CFIA Compliance requirements for various operations
  • Global Food Legislation and Regulatory Compliance support– for Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, China, Korea, Middles East, and numerous internal markets and destinations regulatory compliance
  • EFSA – European Food Safety Authority
  • FSA/ UK - Food Safety Authority of the UK
  • FSA - Food Safety Authority of Australia
  • Regulatory Support for Asian markets
  • Regulatory Authorities in the respective countries where facilitation requested.

Food Ingredients & Additives Technical/ Regulatory Support

Awareness and consulting on permissible levels/ Allowable limits of food additives and food ingredients in different global markets – Under FDA/ USDA, CFIA/ Health Canada, Mexico, EFSA, FSA -UK, FSA – Australia/
New Zealand, Japan. China, Korea, South America, Middles East, and others
  • Regulatory Food Additives and Food Chemicals – Regulatory Limits, and Process Controls
  • Food Additives – Replacements and alternates and effectiveness studies
  • Food Additives usage review – for regulatory Ingredients and materials Product Shelf Life and
  • Ingredient’s Risk assessment studies associated with Food Additives, ingredients, raw materials, food chemicals
  • Ingredients, Materials – Food Safety risk assessment, allergen risk assessment, food fraud risk assessment
  • Food Packaging – Risk assessment and migration studies
  • Other sorts of food legislation and regulatory

Food Science & Technological Support

  • Food Safety Investigation
  • Food Safety Recall Investigation
  • Food Safety and Quality Complaints Investigation
  • Food Safety issues - Product and Process troubleshoot
  • Cross Contamination troubleshooting support
  • Food Packaging – Usage studies, migration studies, and working and alternates and cost-effectiveness
  • Food Packaging – shelf life a market impact analysis
  • Food Preservation R & D and challenges – modifications to old and new products
  • Food spoilage control studies
  • Food Additives – Regulatory perspective
  • Other sorts of food legislation and regulatory compliance

Food Products Label and Regulatory Compliance

  • Food Label Compliance Review for all international destinations including, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, and others
  • Nutritional Labeling
  • ngredients Labeling
  • Food Claims
  • Health Claims
  • Nutritional Claims
  • Identity Preserved Status and Claims - Kosher, Halal, Organic, nGMOs, Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Allergen Free, High Fiber, Low Fat, Low Carb, and others
  • Label Development Service
  • Food Label Design and Review
  • Basic HACCP Course / Food Safety Fundamentals for HACCP
  • Intermediate HACCP for Manufacturing
  • Intermediate HACCP for Food Service
  • Intermediate HACCP for Farming
  • Intermediate HACCP for Food Packaging
  • Intermediate HACCP for Pet Food and Animal Feed
  • Advanced HACCP / Challenges in Maintaining HACCP
  • SQF Implementation
  • BRC Implementation
  • FSSC 22000 Understanding and Implementation
  • SQF for Quality
  • SQF for Warehousing and Distribution
  • SQF for Food Packaging
  • SQF for Retail Operations
  • SQF for Pet Food and Animal Feed
  • Internal Audit Training for Food Operations and Food Quality Systems
  • Internal Audit Training for HACCP / Food Safety Management Systems
  • Internal Audit Training for BRC Standards
  • Internal Audit Training for SQF Manufacturing Code
  • Internal Audit Training for SQF Quality Code
  • Internal Audit Training for SQF Food Packaging
  • Internal Audit Training for IFS
  • Internal Audit for Training FSSC 22000
  • Food Safety Fundamentals
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Basic Food Hygiene for Manufacturing
  • Basic Food Hygiene for Food Service
  • Basic Food Hygiene for Manufacturing
  • Basic Food Hygiene for Farming
  • Basic Food Hygiene for Food Packaging
  • Basic Food Hygiene for Pet Food and Animal Feed
  • Understanding Allergens and their implications
  • Food Defense and its challenges
  • Principals of Sanitary Design
  • Food Plant Sanitation
  • Supplier Approval Program
  • Environmental Program
  • GWHP - Good Warehousing Practices
  • Understanding Food Safety Culture
  • How to Develop and Plan a Food Safety Culture Project
  • Gluten Free Certification Requirements
  • Organic Certification Requirements
  • Smart Objectives and Goals
  • Effective Corrective Actions
  • Handling Deviations and Holds
  • Traceability and Recall
  • Quality Improvement Tools
  • Total Quality Management