On-line and self pace VIRTUAL learning

Food Vision offers a variety of training, learning, and capacity-building options for food business operations and individual learners. Our virtual learning platform covers a wide range of subjects to address modern food business organizations learning needs.
Our e-learning platform offers training courses on Basic Food Safety, HACCP, GFSI benchmarked schemes, Internal auditing, HACCP/ Food Safety Plan, Advanced Quality, Organizational Excellence, and numerous other concepts. This includes basic to advanced level programs. For learners, we extend both self-paced and instructor lead options.

Online Self Paced Learning

These programs are fully self-paced, where learners control the flow and complete tasks. These programs are established in a way that learners are fully engaged. This offering includes both individuals and group learning options. Browse your self paced learning options.

Some of the benefits of self paced e-learning courses

  • Remote Access
  • Self Paced/ Self Control
  • Long Time to Cover Requirements
  • Independence
  • Reduce Cost
  • Communication with Peers and Other Learners – In groups

Instructor Lead Virtual learning

These are our announced learning programs delivered through virtual classroom. The learners participate from the comfort of their home or office having the presence of instructor and coach. It’s a real time and instructor lead learning. In addition to having the learning experience in your environment, this option saves lots of resources (commute time and lodging and boarding cost). At the same time, the benefits of group learning are there being part of the virtual learners group. To explore instructor-lead virtual training courses browse open enrolment courses.

We are continuously updating our offerings and adding new courses, but currently our e-learning platform offers a wide range of online but fully self-paced learning options and training programs. Browse our most popular Food Business Excellence EDGE e-learning Series.

GMP and Food Safety

HACCP Series

GFSI Series

Regulatory Compliance

Training Effectiveness

Soft Skills Series

Excellence Series

Food Safety Culture

Total Quality Series

Audit Excellence Series

Operational Excellence

Product Development

Our Most popular Food Business Excellence EDGE e-learning Series

  • Basic Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Fundamentals Food ManufacturingOn Demand
  • Basic Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Fundamentals Food ServiceOn Demand
  • Basic Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Fundamentals Food PackagingOn Demand
  • Basic Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Fundamentals Produce (Indoor and outdoor farming)On Demand
  • Food Handler Certification Training Food ServiceRegister
  • Introductory HACCP – Food ManufacturingOn Demand
  • Introductory HACCP – Food ServiceOn Demand
  • Introductory HACCP – Food PackagingOn Demand
  • Introductory HACCP – Produce (Indoor and outdoor farming)On Demand
  • Safe Food for Canadian Act/ RegulationsOn Demand
  • Understanding FSMA – Food Safety and Modernization ActOn Demand
  • PCQI Qualification TrainingOn Demand
  • Foreign Supplier Verification ProgramOn Demand
  • Understanding the European Food Safety Authority RequirementsOn Demand
  • understanding Food Safety and Modernization ActOn Demand
  • Food Labeling in CanadaOn Demand
  • Food Labeling in USAOn Demand
  • Why External Audit Don’t Produce Great ResultsOn Demand
  • Internal Audit PrinciplesOn Demand
  • Making Internal audit and Inspections EffectiveOn Demand
  • Effective Corrective ActionsOn Demand
  • Developing New Products – A step by Step ProcessOn Demand
  • Food Laws for Products in Canada and the USAOn Demand
  • Intermediate HACCP – Food ManufacturingOn Demand
  • Intermediate HACCP – Food ServiceOn Demand
  • Intermediate HACCP – Food PackagingOn Demand
  • Intermediate HACCP – Produce (Indoor and outdoor farming)On Demand
  • Intermediate HACCP – Pet Food and Animal FeedOn Demand
  • SQF for Food Manufacturing – FVI Designed & Managed On Demand
  • BRCGS Food Safety for Sites On Demand
  • SQF for Quality – FVI Designed & Managed On Demand
  • SQF Advanced Practitioner – FVI Designed & Managed On Demand
  • Train the Trainer – Adult LearningOn Demand
  • Train the Trainer – Cultivating Food Safety CultureOn Demand
  • Train the Trainer – Food Safety and Food Safety MindsetOn Demand
  • Train the Trainer – Continuous Improvement and Lean ThinkingOn Demand
  • Train the Trainer – How to Make Food Organization Profitable withoutOn Demand
  • Developing Training ProgramsOn Demand
  • Making Learning EffectiveOn Demand
  • Learning Evaluation for Learning EffectivenessOn Demand
  • Setting Objective, Goals and KPIsOn Demand
  • Organizational Excellence – First Time QualityOn Demand
  • Continuous Improvement and Lean Culture?On Demand
  • Food Safety Objectives and Organizational PerformanceOn Demand
  • Success through Collaboration and EngagementOn Demand
  • Food Safety LeadershipOn Demand
  • Managing Workplace DiversityOn Demand

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