Our Experts

Dr. M. Basit

Executive Director

Doctorate in Business (Leadership, Change & OB). MSc in Food Safety and QA, MSc. in Food Tech, MBA in Organizational Behaviour, BS in Food Process Technology, PGD in Adv. Food Safety, Diploma in Sanitation Mgt., PGD in TQM, Agri-Business, Master Train the Trainer – IACET, CMQ/OE, CQA, CHA with ASQ-USA, Certifications in Thermo-processing & Canning, Food Packaging and Seafood Food Safety. Certified Lead Consultant and Lead Auditor for HACCP, SQF, BRCGS, FSSC, Gluten Free, SA 8000, ISO-9000/ 22000, and Ethical Sourcing and High-Risk Food Safety Operation. ​

Dr. Basit brings along > 25 years of inter-continental business exposure in organizational excellence in the mfg. and service sectors. Basit’s core areas of interest are business excellence, organizational effectiveness, productivity, cultural change, contemporary food safety systems, quality cost, conflict mgt, continuous improvement, food regulations, food labeling & social accountability.​

He has successfully displayed sturdy leadership in the implementation, mentoring, and auditing of various quality, food safety global standards. He has successfully facilitated >200 companies on various matters and mentored >7000 individuals and audited >800 organizations around the globe for various food safety, quality, business excellence and ethical standards. Dr. Basit is an approved and active Auditor/ Consultant & Trainer for SQF, BRC and FSSC 22000, ISO 9000 besides many other standards and management schemes.

Uzair Manzoor

Director Informatics, IT & Customer Experience

BBIT (Bachelor of Business and Information Technology – Australia)​

Uzair is a seasoned IT professional and brings along over 12 years skill based learning and hands-on exposure in Data Network, IT Troubleshoot, and Informatics, problem solving and customer intelligence and application of advanced data management and IT tools. ​ ​

He is successfully managing a team of global IT specialists and leading Food Visions Customer Service and Solutions Division.

Uzma Kanwal

Director Projects, & Learning Excellence

M.A. Language and Learning

Being a proven learning coach, Uzma brings along over 15 years experience in Learning Programs Mgt. ​

Being a learning effectiveness expert, she has sturdy grip in applying modern concepts, tools, and strategies in education and learning culture. ​

Uzma is a leader, guiding counselor, and mentor in Food Vision’s learning initiatives.

Dr. Prit Hora

Technical & Regulatory Operations Specialist

Ph.D. in Animal Sciences, M.Sc. in Food Science and Animal Science. ​

Over 20 years professional experience in various aspects of Food Safety and Management, while working with the government agency – Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and in a private institution. ​​

25 years of expertise in Regulatory and Quality Assurance Compliance in various food processing sectors. ​

Being a member of leadership teams contributed extensively in food safety and quality management system design, continuous improvement/ lean initiatives and coaching in food safety and SFCR – Preventive Control Plan (PCP) teams to success.​

Chelsey Rae

Technical Advisor – Crisis Management

Graduated in Food Science, Certified SQF Practitioner & Certified HACCP Manager

Chelsey Rae Des Roches is an experienced Food Safety and Health and Safety, SQF and Crisis Manager with over 15 years of experience at various levels of the supply chain. ​

She brings expertise in risk analysis and business continuity planning as well as organizational governance.

David Higgs

Technical Manager – Global Operations

MSc Food Science, MBA​

Dave brings along over 17 years of experience in food processing, food regulation operation and organizational excellence and Business Development. ​

He is a leader and real performer and successfully known for his contribution to food manufacturing operations and new concepts development.

He is a Food Vision’s champion in global technical operation and business development.

Tasneem Ahmad

Senior Food Safety Consultant/ Auditor

MSc Food Safety and Quality, MSc Food Technology, Certified and Approved GFSI Auditor, Certified HACCP Manager.

A seasoned and articulate professional with over 30 Years of Food Manufacturing and Auditing Experience. He extends extensive skill-based learning in global food manufacturing, Safe Food Quality. He is well known for his great auditing skills and comprehension. ​

Tasneem is active SQF auditor and certified for 12 FSCs and has done over 500 GFSI third-party audits. ​

Fakhar Chaudhry (Chad)

Senior Food Safety Specialist/ Auditor

MSc Food Technology, Certified and Approved GFSI Auditor

Chad is an experienced specialist with over 20 years of Food Manufacturing and Auditing Experience. He extends extensive skill-based learning in global food manufacturing, Safe Food Quality. He is well known for his coaching, and auditing competences.

Chad is active SQF auditor and certified for 12 FSCs and has done over 100 GFSI third-party audits.

Iftikhar Awan​

Food Safety Auditor/ C.onsultant Regulatory Operations

MSc Food Technology, MS Food Safety and QA

Iftikhar brings along > 20 years experience from food manufacturing, food analysis and regulatory operations ​

He had been part of OMAFRA as food safety advisor and meat inspector for16 years. ​ ​

He is an active Auditor for GFSI schemes with 10 FCs

J.G Stewart

Seafood Safety Auditor/ Consultant​

MSc Food Science, MS Food Safety and QA

Stewart brings along > 30 years experience from food manufacturing and seafood regulatory and food safety operations. ​

He is an active Auditor for GFSI schemes

Abdul Samee Khan

Principle Advisor – Water Mgt. System & Sustainability

Khan offers his > 26 years of hands-on learning in water treatment that encompasses not just all kinds of water treatment solution but also engineering of water treatment systems.

He is successfully managing our sustainability and water treatment projects. Beyond his role as a Principal Advisor, He is also a Chief Executive Officer with a global water treatment resource.

Jawad A Gill

Lead Consultant – Dietary & Natural Health Products, R & D and Sustainability

MSc. Chemistry, Doctor of Alternative Medicine

Jawad brings along > 25 years of hands-on industrial experience and is well known for his contribution in designing Sustainability projects, developing Dietary and Health products a, and R & D in Food Chemistry, Herbal medicine, Water treatment, and Biogas Engineering.

He is our go to resource and one of our lead coach and guiding counselor for Improvement Projects

Param Sandhu​

Leadership & Organizational Excellence Specialist

Harvard qualified Leadership Development at Harvard Business School Executive Education – Harvard

Param Sandhu is a Harvard Business School graduate with specialisation in leadership development. He is a seasoned expert with over 08 years of work experience in organizational excellence and leadership development.

He is a coach, mentor and trainer on organizational leadership development, corporate development and career planning. Due to his background in corporate development in food processing and quality operations, he is real asset in food business operations related improvement projects.

Aizad Ahmad

Senior Advisor – Lean Six Sigma, and Process Improvement

MSc Food Science, MBA (UK) & a Certificate in Mgt. Essentials (Harvard – HBS), Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified PMP, Certified Quality Manager Organizational Excellence – ASQ, HACCP Certified – NSF.

A seasoned professional with > 20 yrs. of distinguished track record in Business Excellence, TQM, & Six Sigma projects and Food Processing and Applied QA. ​

He is an experienced trainer, coach, and educator. He combines both service and manufacturing expertise with a professional approach to determine root causes of quality variance, collect, and analyze data, present recommendations for enhancing performance, implement changes to operations, and undertake cost-benefit analysis.

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