Ready To Use Training Packages

Training Packages

Training, Learning, and development is one of the key fundamentals to ensure organizational effectiveness and workplace excellence. It plays a pivotal role in organizational excellence. Learning opportunities offer employees the chance to comprehend enhance their knowledge and learn new skills and understand more about their role in the organization.
Beyond everything that could be narrated to highlight the value of training, it’s one activity that can pave the way for creating shared vision within an organization and help align workforce with the company objectives and vision.

There could be many other reasons to have an effective training and learning program for successful organizations, but we recommend effective learning is an invaluable tool for cultivating organizational culture.

Learning is paramount for corporations but at times it’s a big challenge to some organizations how to develop an effective learning program. The solution is known but the right resource, skill and competency is not always there to successfully this task.

Professionally Developed, Ready to Use, User-friendly Training Packages.

Food Vision Inc. has always offered practical solutions to cater ongoing food business needs. Our offerings are enormous and cover almost every possible aspect of food business excellence. To do it right, first time approach, experts at Food Vision Inc. has developed numerous training packages on diversified applied subjects and concepts.

You don’t need to spend hours on searching and developing training presentations and learners’ materials. We have covered it for you. These packages are comprehensive and ready to go.

Some important features of our famous training packages

  • Easy to Use
  • Developed by a team of subject experts and trainers with hands on experience
  • Developed in the Language of Understanding
  • Follows Adult Learning Modern Principles
  • Lead the learner from Theory to Practice
  • Promote Interactive and Participative Learning
  • Advanced mechanism for learning evaluation
  • Enhanced Learning Effectiveness

Training Packages are available on Following Concepts


  • Basic Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Fundamentals – Food Manufacturing
  • Basic Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Fundamentals – Food Service
  • Basic Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Fundamentals – Food Packaging
  • Basic Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Fundamentals – Produce (Indoor and outdoor farming)


    • Introductory HACCP – Food Manufacturing
    • Introductory HACCP – Food Service
    • Introductory HACCP – Food Packaging
    • Introductory HACCP – Produce (Indoor and outdoor farming)


  • Intermediate HACCP – Food Manufacturing
  • Intermediate HACCP – Food Service
  • Intermediate HACCP – Food Packaging
  • Intermediate HACCP – Produce (Indoor and outdoor farming)


HACCP Validation

Regulatory Compliance

  • Understanding Food Safety and Modernization Act
  • understanding Food Safety and Modernization Act
  • Food Labeling in Canada
  • Food Labeling in USA

Advance Food Safety Fundamentals

  • Crisis Management Plan
  • Allergens Management
  • Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Supplier Approval Program/ Supplier Quality Assurance
  • Foreign Material Prevention
  • Effective Preventive Maintenance
  • Traceability and Recall Plan
  • Sanitary Design in Food Operations


  • Intermediate HACCP – Food Manufacturing
  • Intermediate HACCP – Food Service
  • Intermediate HACCP – Food Packaging
  • Intermediate HACCP – Produce (Indoor and outdoor farming)

Food Safety Culture Series

  • Fundamentals of Food Safety Culture
  • Food Safety Culture for Managers
  • Food Safety Culture for Leaders
  • Challenges in Cultivating Food Safety Culture

Training Effectiveness Series

  • Developing Training Programs
  • Making Learning Effective
  • Learning Evaluation for Learning Effectiveness
  • Train the Trainer – Adult Learning
  • Train the Trainer – Food Safety

Food Plant Sanitation Series

  • Basic Sanitation
  • Intermediate Sanitation
  • Sanitation Validation
  • Advanced Food Plant Sanitation

Highlights of Training Packages

Every Training Package under this program is a complete solution that can be effectively used inhouse to make your internal learning tasks a success.

Language of Understanding: Training Packages are available in English and some other languages. Ask for available options.

What is included in the Training Package?

  • Training Presentation
  • Trainer’s Instructions Manual
  • Learners Manual
  • Learners Exercise Manual
  • Learners Exercises Answer Book
  • Case Studies
  • Test Quizzes
  • Final Exam
  • Ice Breakers

Customized Training Packages

If you have a specific need, food vision’s team of experts can work with you to develop a customized training package/ solution tailored exactly to your organizational needs.

We are changing the way training and learning works?

Don’t waste your money and time on training and learning as a routine activity that produce nothing more than just a piece of paper and a false sense of qualification and learning.

Always think about learning purpose and its effectives!

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