New Business/ Franchises Mgt


There is no standards or magical strategies to know when to buy or acquire or what to acquire. Acquisitions are ways to expand your business. Decisions to buy or acquire may not be inherently good or bad. It’s your business model, marketing approach and the innovative thought process to tackle acquired business that can make it a success or a failure.

In our experience, it’s the depth of skill-based information about the new process or the integration process that makes it’s a success. Not all the companies have internal resources to manage this transition.

If you are looking to acquire an existing food business or looking to expand your operation and in the process of buying a franchise, our team of experts can help and make it a smooth process and successful transition.

  • Finding the right business or franchise for you.
  • Negotiate with the seller or selling corporations on your behalf
  • Support in Food legislation compliance.
  • Pre-buying Business potential review
  • Pre-Buying SWOT Analysis
  • Facilitate in setting up the requirements and capabilities for your newly acquired operation
  • Help finding the right workforce and professional for your new business.
  • Training new workforce to make them well acquainted with
    new operation
  • Monitor success through establishing KPIs and objectives
  • Optimize processes to maximize the output.

Establishing Your franchise Network

If you own a successful food business and looking to expand it through establishing a franchise network, our team of experts can help.

We can set-up a Franchise Management Model for your business that includes all aspects of an advanced and successful model to manage any number of franchisees.

The Franchise Management Model includes business Operations, offerings, products and Food Safety and Quality Management System.

Franchise Management Support

If you own a Franchise and looking to benefit from out model, we also offer Franchise Management Support.

This includes ongoing support in managing your franchise operation.

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