Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Looking at the value of capacity building at workplace, Food Vision promotes Train the Trainer programs. Our train the trainer programs are based on contemporary adult learning principles. These programs are evolving, innovative and with applied learning techniques and are equipped to address new application challenges. Our course designers are seasoned professionals and competent experts from the relevant business operations. Our Master Trainers are equipped with smart training, development and learning techniques bundled with their years of association and hands-on experience from applied world. Their experience connects theory to the practice for their learners.

The Train the Trainer Programs do not just build capacity at the individual level but also produce internal resource to further enlightenment for the internal workforce. Especially the companies struggling to cope with ongoing challenging of employee engagement and retention, participation in these Train the Trainer are the way to go.

Our Trainer the Trainer Programs are different than the market. These are not just lectures or class-based courses or seminars and not any body can sit in these Train the Trainers.
We employee modern tools and strategies where not just the clarity of subject is induced, participants lean how to further transfer this learning. Future trainers also learn the challenges in the way to further impart this learning and possible ways to overcome.

We focus on SWOT analysis for individual trainers so they could work on their individual ability to be a great and inspirational trainer. Some of the fundamentals and guiding principles of our train the training programs.

  • Why Train the Trainer?
  • Introduction and Application of adult learning and its objectives.
  • How and Whys of Training?
  • Training and Learning Methods and Strategies.
  • Options and Adoption of Applied Methods.
  • Training Need Analysis – Who need training?
  • Training Vs Learning Vs Capacity Building.
  • Learning from action or Learning within Action – Changing Paradigm.
  • Making People Learn Vs Enabling Learners.
  • Why Learning fail?
  • Linking Learning to Organizational Culture.
  • Linking Capacity Building to Profits and First Time Quality.
  • Evaluation of Learning Efficacy.

Currently, we offer following train the trainer workshops

  • Train the Trainer – Adult Learning
  • Train the Trainer – Cultivating Food Safety Culture
  • Train the Trainer – Food Safety and Food Safety Mindset
  • Train the Trainer – Continuous Improvement and Lean Thinking
  • Train the Trainer – How to Make Food Organization Profitable without

If you have a specific need, Food Vision team of experts can work with you to develop a customized train the trainer package/ solution tailored exactly to your organizational needs.

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