Going Paperless

Data Manipulation through modern Technologies and Approaches

As we are living in the time that expects to focus on smart-work approaches than the hard work, we must find smarter ways to keep the business operations thriving. One of the fundamental smart approaches is playing with data and making best use of data without the hassle of paperwork and developing systems to manipulate data through digital means with limited manual intervention.

We cannot run away from collecting data, but we can discover innovative ways and employ modern technologies to collect, store, analyze and manipulate data to extract useful facts. These extracted statistics could be valuable for quality and food safety compliance in food business operations. Food Vision refers this approach as going paperless and our initiative is known as “going paperless initiative”.

In our strive to get maximum out of this going paperless initiative, we have developed data gathering and manipulating softwares, tools and apps.

These specific software solutions, tools and apps employ modern techniques for data gathering and analysis and the use of AI (where applicable) in getting the best use of available data

Going Paperless – Data Management Tools 

All our tools, software products and apps are world-class and are aligned with advanced management expectation and are compatible with structured ERP and supply chain frameworks.

We are in our ongoing strive to strengthen our scope and range of services under “going paperless initiative” but currently, we offer following paperless solutions.


Customer Experience – What to expect?

Set-Up Support

From initial set-up to execution, and beyond, our professional Customer Success Experience team is your skilled partner, facilitating you enhance your going paperless programs’ impact and induce effectiveness.

Quick Set-Up

These software solutions are designed to easily and quickly be set-up.

Going Paperless – 24/7 Customer Support

Sociable, knowledgeable, experienced, 24/7 available Technical Support to assist our customers for their smooth learning experience.

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