New/ Existing Business Development


It’s always a challenge and tough task to start a new business from scratch. Besides intent, it requires guidance and knowledge, to embark on such initiatives. You might not know where to start and turn your dreams to reality, but we know how to do it as our experts have successfully accomplish it many times.

Working with us, your new business and new products horizons are limitless. Since our inception (2000), excellence had been our bottom-line, and we have successfully delivered service excellence through business and product development, in almost every possible retail, food service and food manufacturing environment, e.g.,

dairy, seafood, poultry/meat, egg, honey, sweets & confectionary, cakes/ bakery, snacks, baby foods, sauces/condiments, pickles, preserved foods, ice, water and beverages, spices, cereals & nuts, culinary, recipe/ ready meals, produce, natural, herbal products and, dietary supplements, ethnic products, immuno-compromised customer products, animal feed, cannabis, petfood, food packaging, processing aids, and diversified and contemporary fast paced complex processing and packaging environment e.g., thermo-processing, canning, aseptic technologies, high performance automation, robotics, and others.

Whatsoever is your idea e.g., nutritional or health claims, organic options, high protein products to low carb and low sodium solutions, gluten free or allergen free, kosher, vegan, or halal, we have covered it all.

New Business Challenges.

There might be many challenges linked to new business start-up.

Even before you finalize your project, you might be interested to know whether the idea will work or not. We can help at this stage to clarify or scrutinize your thoughts and refine your idea. You might be thinking on multiple options, we can shortlist ideas and find one that’s best for your business.

Our team of experts can offer coaching and consulting on

  • Business Idea Refining
  • Market Comparison
  • Project Feasibilities
  • New Business SWOT Analysis
  • New Business Markey Survey

With already refined Business Idea.

Some of the expected challenges even when business ideas are already selected and refined. 

    • Setting up your business operation.
    • Registering a business?
    • Developing a product.
    • Product Evaluation and Consumer Response before business is launched.
    • Acquiring the right food facility – Rent or owning a facility
    • Zoning requirements for facilities
    • City By Laws to abide by
    • Acquiring the right facility size and type
    • Modifications in the facility to make it best fit to your selected operation.
    • Right process and packaging equipment for your product
    • Hiring the right workforce Process legal requirements and validations
      • Applying for the CFIA/ Food Licensing
      • Applying for permits
      • Process optimization
      • Product Development/ Modifications
      • Finding Customers/ Marketing the product
      • And lot more is required to make your idea a success.

With already refined Business Idea.

You might not know; you can get your product produced without owning a food manufacturing facility through a co-manufacturer.

From where and how to get your product co-manufactured – we can help.


New Food Products – Import or Export

Are you planning to import or export food products, in the USA and Canada there are regulatory requirements?

Click here to Browse Import and Export Legal requirements to educate yourself
New Products Horizons are infinite. You have a dream; we have a way to achieve it. Every Idea deserve a chance.

Existing Business – modifications and Improvement

You have a food business and an intent to improve, diversify or you are looking to overcome some business challenges. You need new process, new product cost reduction, process standardization or optimization, its our forte to turn your dream to a reality.

To discuss your ideas and see how these could be materialized,
Ask an Expert.

Existing Business – modifications and Improvement

      • Current Business Review
      • Potential Area of Improvement Gap Assessment
      • Existing Business market Analysis
      • Standardization and Automation
      • Cost of Quality Analysis
      • Business Management Consulting
      • Production Expansion
      • New Products
      • Ingredients Replacement
      • Shelf-Life Enhancement
      • Regulatory Compliance
      • Process and Product Validation
      • Process and Product Troubleshoot.
      • Current Business Diversification
      • Current facility – Layout Design and Process Flow Improvement
      • Creating More Space Without Changing the Facility
      • Workforce Utilization
      • Capacity Enhancement
      • Productivity and Efficiency
      • Cultivating Food Safety and Quality Culture

Your existing business may be profitable, we can make sustainable. 

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