GFSI Benchmarked Food Safety

GFSI – ONE Recognition, global acceptance

The term GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) is not unknown to the world anymore. Its well known for its benefits, acceptability, and global recognition. As per GFSI, one world, one recognition. GFSI benchmarked schemes, and standard are their recognized food safety management systems. These recognized standards and schemes are certification program respected around the globe, and across the industry and enables a simplified “once certified, recognized everywhere” approach.

Food Vision offers services to understand, get trained and implement these GFSI recognized food safety management schemes and standards and their building blocks.

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GFSI Benchmarked and Recognized Schemes and Standards

Regardless of your nature, type, or size of food business, we have solutions and plans for all. Ask an expert today for details.

GFSI Recognized schemes Consultation and Facilitation Bundles

For your GFSI compliant project (SQF, BRC, IFS, FSC 22000, Primus GF, Canada Gap, Global Gap, and others), if you’re’ looking for just documentation, orientation, or implementation or all in one, we have solutions for all. Pick one package that fits to your need and ask our experts for details.

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Do you know, how much a GFSI project cost?.

How to Assess Cost of your GFSI Project?

The cost of our consultation and facilitation packages for your GFSI project may depend on the following factors.

  • Nature, type, and complexity of the operation,
  • Size of the Facility
  • Number of Employees
  • Duration of the Project
  • Current State of Documentation and Record Culture

Approved, Accredited Consulting for GFSI Schemes.

GFSI Benchmark Schemes/ Advanced Food Safety Systems Consulting

GFSI Benchmark Schemes – Food Safety and Packaging consulting and coaching assignments are conducted by trained and scheme approved and certified consultants holding current approval and applicable food sector categories required for specific operations.
Contact us for your specific inquiries for schemes not listed below.

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