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Food Science/ Food Safety Investigations

Customer Complaints, Internal and external failures, food recalls, food borne illnesses, and  outbreaks are ongoing concerns for our food supply chain. At times, the impact may go beyond just the direct financial losses, food security and consumer health. It may pose legal penalties, lawsuits, and loss of business and reputation. A well-established food safety system and a strong food safety culture may help avoid such challenges.

The Canadian and US food supplies are one of the safest and reliable in the world. Nevertheless, no food safety management system can promise zero risk. Regardless the type and nature of food operation, at any point in the processing and manufacturing system, food can become contaminated with pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites), chemicals, undeclared allergens, or physical contaminants, i.e., material such as hard and sharp objects, hard breakable plastic, wood, glass, or metal fragments.

The food safety issues, regulatory non-compliance, outbreaks and recalls could be detrimental to food business operations. These incidents are preventable but takes special efforts and proactive approach. As also outlined by reliable sources, the key factors which usually contribute to potential hazards in food products may include improper agricultural practices; poor personal hygiene at all stages of the food supply chain; food handling and manufacturing, contaminated inputs, temperature abuse in storage. unsafe water, misuse of chemicals and similar other issues.

Food Vision experts can help and facilitate in understanding how these risks can be avoided and how to approach and investigate customer complaints, recalls and outbreaks when they occur due to unforeseen reasons.

Our experts can also help in building a culture of handling non-complying senarius in way that issues don’t lead to recalls and outbreaks. To avoid such detrimental effects, food businesses must have a culture of food safety. Our seasoned experts can help operations cultivate a culture of food safety and continuous improvement.

If you are interested to learn how one could conduct a reliable food safety investigation through an effective Food Safety Root Cause Analysis, you may download a guide that our experts have developed.

Types and Nature of Food Safety Assessments and Investigations

Our scope of service include but not limited to following types of investigations and assessments.

  • Trouble Shoot ongoing food safety issues
  • Food Recall Investigation
  • How to avoid recurrence- Internal Deviation – Investigation
  • Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment
  • Allergen Risk Assessments
  • HACCP Assessments / Review and Validation
  • Investigation on Food Safety Program failure
  • Food Complaint investigations
  • Effective Root Cause Analysis
  • Food Defense Risk assessment and Investigation
  • Food Safety Crisis Risk Assessments
  • Allergen cross contact investigation
  • Vendor Risk Assessments

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