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Professional Development Webinars

Organizational Performance & Excellence Series

Food Vision offers a variety of training/webinars, learning and capacity building options for food business operations and individual learners. Our virtual learning platform covers a wide range of subjects to address modern food business organizations learning needs.

Quality and Food Safety Objectives, Performance and Excellence 45 - 60 min Jan 26, 2023 Virtual Webinar Explore value of objectives, KPIs and Goals and their essential link with performance and Excellence. Join us to see how to link objectives to performance. Register Ask for more details
Effective Food Safety Leadership – Challenges and Bottlenecks 45 - 60 min Feb 24, 2023 Virtual Webinar Leadership and their styes are as important as employees’ skills and competencies. There might not be one leadership style that maters but effectiveness in leadership is required for food safety and food safety culture. Join us to explore what matters for effectiveness leadership at all levels within a food operation. Register Ask for more details
Lean Thinking at Work / How to embrace Lean thinking in Food Manufacturing Operations 45- 60 min Apr 19, 2023 Virtual Webinar To learn how to cut out waste and non-value-added activities from your organization and how to create value, enhance profitability, cultivate safety, efficiency, and enhance communication. Join us explore how to change the mindset from traditional waste to lean mindset. Register Ask for more details
Learning Efficacy Challenge/ Why Training Fails? 45 - 60 min May 26, 2023 Virtual Webinar As we observed many times, the training programs fail to produce results and build capacity. Join us to explore how we can add effectiveness to our learning and build culture of learning and critical thinking. Register Ask for more details
Employee Retention and Motivation 45 - 60 min June 30, 2023 Virtual Webinar Employee turnover is mostly detrimental to organizational sustainability, but it may be embedded in employee motivation. Join us to explore how to harness employee retention and motivation woes. Register Ask for more details

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