Food Handler Certification – SAMPLE

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Course Date / Duration: Jan 24, 2020
Course Duration: 0900 Hrs >> 1700 Hrs (Full Day Training)
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This training course is intended to explain fundamentals and Pre-requisites/ good manufacturing practices in a Food Plant Environment for Food Handlers. The course is good for Food Handler, Food Packers, Food Operators. Lead Hands, Supervisors, QA Specialist and Technicians.

Food Plant Fundaments / Pre-requisites

Foodborne illnesses are mostly caused by cross contamination or bad hygiene practices. Food Plant Fundaments or pre-requisites are the building blocks of a food safety system. Food Safety Pre-requisites are the pillars of a strong food safety management system building to ensures compliance to customer expectations and food legislation and regulatory requirements.

The training course enfolds best practices for food handlers to avoid cross contamination and avoid food borne illnesses by ensuring adherence to good manufacturing practices. The training helps in designing, establishing, and executing good manufacturing practices in a food processing plant. A well in-place food safety pre-requisites program ensures not just can prevent cross contamination but also offers a sturdy foundation for a HACCP/ Food Safety Plan. A strong adherence to good hygiene practices and Food Safety Pre-requisites is also necessitated under CFIA – Safe Food for Canadians (SFCA) and FDA – Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA).

Food Vision offers a series of trainings on Food Handling Practices for Basic to Advanced Learners. This course is a basic course that refreshes basic food safety essentials, food hygiene practices and food handling good practices and provide bases for understanding HACCP/ Food Safety Plan requirements.

This course is applicable to all HACCP, GFSI Benchmarked Food Safety Schemes e.g., SQF, BRC, IFS, and FSSC 22000 and build capacity for HACCP based Food Safety Management Systems.

Learning Benefits
At the end of the training and learning interaction, you will be able to:

  • Explore Types of Hazards
  • Explore Food Borne Illnesses and the role of Food Handlers
  • Explore Cross Contamination
  • Explore Hazards and their Link with Food Safety
  • Explore Best Practices in managing Food Safety Fundaments.
  • Explore and discuss the value of Food Pre-requisites in Food Safety Mgt.
  • Explore Essentials of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Explore value of good operating procedures
  • Gap Assessment of your current GMPs.
  • Be part of group discussions, brainstorming and exercises and learn different aspects of food plant essentials through role plays and case studies
  • Explore value of written instructions, work instructions, procedure, and standard operating procedure (SOP)
  • Bottlenecks and challenges in implementing GMPs.
  • Explore why does GMPs fail.
  • Explore the value of Food Safety Pre-requisites in Food Safety Mgt.
  • Learn about different Pre-requisites.
  • Comprehend the role Food Handler and the concept of cross contamination
  • How are Food Safety Fundamentals linked together?
  • Explore the focus of Food Safety Fundamentals?
  • Linking Pre-requisite program to Safe Food for Canadian and PCPs.
  • Linking to Pre-requisite program to Codex Alimentarius
  • Linking Pre-requisite program to Food Safety Modernization Act
  • SOPs for Food Safety Fundaments / Pre-requisites Programs
  • Explore Individual pre-requisites
  • How to Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)?
  • Understand challenges Implementing and Maintaining Food Safety Perquisites
  • Why does GMPs fail and how to do it right the first time?
  • Managing Pre-requisite programs Monitoring, Verification, and effectiveness

For a comprehensive of knowledge and additional details, contact Learning Division at Food Vision Inc.

Prerequisite (s):

An Intent to explore and learn Food Safety and its Essentials.
A passion to adopt and be in food safety profession.

Who Should Attend:

> Food Handler
> Food Packing Operators
> Food Processing Workers
> Food Safety and Quality Technicians and Lead Hands
> Food Safety and Quality Professionals
> Internal Food Safety Auditors
> Food Safety and Quality Inspectors
> Food Safety and Quality Supervisors
> HACCP Personnel Operations/Maintenance/Sanitation
> HACCP Coordinators
> New members of Food Safety team
> Public Health Inspectors
> Owners / Plant Manager
> Maintenance Individuals
> Sanitation Individuals

Course Format:
Virtual – Instructor Lead (Via Teams or Zoom)

0900 Hrs >> 0500 Hrs
Full Day Training

Food Vision Inc. Training Centre
216-4000 Steels Avenue West, WoodBridge, ON, L4L 4V9

Mode of Learning,

> An instructor-led traditional classroom experience.
> Contemporary Interactive Learning Experience.
> Applied Food Industry Examples.
> Real time skill-based learning.
> Case Studies.
> Videos.
> Discussions and challenge situations.
> Role Plays.
> Learning in small groups.

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